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Nutty spread Chia Pudding a sound keto vegetarian breakfast or sweet made with chia seeds, unsweetened almond milk, and without sugar priest natural product syrup.

I am infatuated with ground chia seed pudding for breakfast. Utilizing ground chia seed in your pudding has a significant effect. It makes the smoothest pudding surface, no disgusting bits of seeds. It is practically similar to having sweets for breakfast. Pause, I really serve this for dessert as well! My children love it and it causes me to feel SO glad to see them eating such a nutritious treat. This nutty spread chia pudding is likewise the most basic formula.

All you need are a couple of ingredients

Nutty spread – obviously, that is the principle fixing in this formula. Ensure you utilize one with no added sugar and no additional oil. On the off chance that you can’t have peanuts under any conditions, this formula will work with cashew spread, almond margarine, or even sunflower seed spread.

Ground chia seeds likewise know as chia seed flour – in the event that you don’t discover this in the grocery store you can get them on the web or it is very simple to make your own. Include chia seeds into your blender, ensure you add enough seeds to completely cover the cutting edge. Mix until beat into a dainty ground. Store ground chia seeds in a sealed shut compartment in the washroom for as long as 1 year! You can watch my chocolate chia seed pudding formula video to perceive how I make mine.

Unsweetened Almond Milk – I love to utilize almond milk in my chia seed pudding. I am continually utilizing Almond Breeze as it has low calories, no sugar, no carbs, and gives the ideal rich surface to my formula without utilizing dairy.

Salt – discretionary particularly if your nut margarine is salted

Vanilla substance – in light of the fact that everything is better with a trace of vanilla

Sans sugar Monk organic product syrup – this is a delightful common syrup, with no sugar, no carbs with a heavenly maple flavor. You will have a hard time believing it is without sugar as it poses a flavor like genuine maple syrup. I generally use Lakanto Sweetener, I get you a 20 % rebate on the off chance that you request from my connection HERE and utilize the SWEETASHONEY code at the checkout.


I enthusiastically suggest you refrigerate this pudding for in any event 3 hours. While this pudding tastes completely astounding straight away, standing by to give some additional time for the chia seeds fiber to assimilate the fluid. It will make the most delectable plush pudding.


1 cup Peanut margarine no additional oil, no additional sugar

1/4 cup Unsweetened almond milk – I utilized Almond Breeze

1/4 cup ground chia seeds (27g)

1 teaspoon Vanilla substance

1/4 teaspoon salt

1/4 cup sans sugar seasoned maple syrup or fluid sugar of decision or powdered erythritol

2-3 drops Monk Fruit Pure Extract – discretionary, include if not sweet enough


1/2 teaspoon squashed peanuts

1 teaspoon without sugar Dark Chocolate – sans sugar or 85% cocoa

1 teaspoon Peanut spread

1 teaspoon without sugar Chocolate Chips – sans sugar or 85% cocoa


In a blender, including all the ingredients, the request doesn’t make a difference.

Mix for 30 seconds, stop, scratch the side and base of the blender with a spatula. Mix again for 30 seconds – 1 moment or until rich and smooth.

I suggest you check the pleasantness at this stage and modify with additional drops of priest natural product concentrate (or stevia drops) for a better pudding. You can likewise alter pleasantness with additional maple-seasoned syrup yet the pudding however this will change the surface, the more syrup you include, the more fluid will be the pudding. That is the reason I want to change pleasantness with drops.

Move into 8 little glass containers, 1 serve around 1/3 cup (80ml)

Refrigerate in any event 3 hours for the best velvety surface and flavors.

Present with garnishes of your decision. I suggest sans sugar dim chocolate pieces, a shower of softened without sugar chocolate, a sprinkle of nutty spread, and a spot of squashed peanuts.

Store in the ice chest for 5 days in a hermetically sealed holder.

Serve for breakfast or treat.

Sans sugar fluid syrup: request from my site connect and get 20% off all the without sugar Lakanto item run, 100 % Natural

Ground chia seed: on the off chance that you set up the ground at home, ground the entire chia seed first at that point measure the grounded chia seeds required by the formula

Net carbs: 6.4 g per serve for 8 serves for each recipe


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